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CCDS & LCDS Spring Meeting

Use, Opioids Misuse, and Abuse, and a Potpurri of Clinical and Practical Dental Pharmacology" 

Harold Crossley, DDS, MS, Ph.D 

Friday, April 30th, 2021

8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Holiday Inn Fort Myers at Towncenter

9931 Interstate Commerce Drive




•    Endodontics
    The diagnosis and treatment of the soft inner tissue (pulp) of the teeth and the periradicular tissues.  Endodontists diagnose and treat the causes of sensitive and painful teeth using both non-surgical and surgical techniques.  They also treat teeth that are injured, cracked, or knocked out (avulsed).  Often times injured teeth can be saved with root-canal therapy.

•    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons care for patients with problem wisdom teeth, facial pain, and misaligned jaws. They treat accident victims suffering facial injuries, place dental implants, care for patients with oral cancer, tumors and cysts of the jaws, and perform facial cosmetic surgery. Their advanced training in anesthesia allows them to provide quality care with maximum patient comfort and safety in the office setting.

•    Orthodontics

    The evaluation and treatment of developing or mature dentofacial structures.      Orthodontists diagnose crooked (malpositioned) teeth and improperly formed jaws     (orthognathics). They can treat these issues both in children and adults by straightening teeth using braces.  By working closely with pediatric dentists they can treat dental     abnormalities such as improper bite (malocclusion) in children.

•    Pediatric Dentistry

    Pediatric dentists have specialized training to treat children.  They provide comprehensive preventative dentistry and can diagnose and provide therapeutic oral health care in infants and children through adolescence.  They treat children including those with special health care needs.

•    Periodontics

    The prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the supporting structures of the teeth, including the gums (gingiva) and bony tissues.  Treatment can be surgical or non-surgical and can include placing dental implants.  Treatment can also be provided for diseases of the mouth and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ or TMD).

•    Prosthodontics

    The diagnosis and treatment of patients needing crowns, bridges, and/or partial or     complete dentures.  Prosthodontists provide maintenance of the oral function, comfort,     and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing teeth.  They often provided restorative work for patients who have had dental implants placed by other dental specialists.