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Monthly Meeting

Thursday, Janurary 17th 2019

Dr Walter Flesner


2 Hours



ADS/Henry Shein

First Citizens Bank

Southern Dental Refining


Welcome to the
Collier County Dental Association



The Collier County Dental Association is a professional membership organization representing Florida-licensed dentists practicing in Collier County.  Founded in 1973 by a handful of outstanding dental professionals, the CCDA has developed a rich and storied history of service to the citizens of Collier County.  The members of the CCDA are committed to providing the highest quality of care to patients throughout the county.  Currently nearly 150 dentists and dental specialists comprise the growing membership.

The CCDA’s mission is one of public advocacy as the members of the CCDA are ambassadors of organized dentistry at the local, state, and national levels through the CCDA, the Florida Dental Association, and the American Dental Association.

It is also a mission of the CCDA to advance public health through professional education as the CCDA has developed the Lorenzo Walker Vocational Technical Dental Assisting Program, and has assisted in establishing and funding the Edison Community College Dental Hygiene Program.


  • Officers

  President: Barbra J. Reed, DMD, MS

President Elect:

Sean Carr, DDS
  Secretary/Treasurer: Queanh Phan, DMD
  Program Chairman: Patricia Primero, DDS
  Assistant Program Chairman: Junee F. Gardy, DDS
  Editor: Junee F. Gardy, DDS
  Membership Chairman: Sean Carr, DDS
  Past President: Laura Van Varick, DDS

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